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Jeffery Merryman


Mr. Jeffrey W. Merryman is born and raised in Arkansas. Graduated from Fayetteville West Campus in Fayetteville, AR in 1993. Joined the Arkansas Army National Guard in 1991, where he completed basic training and his Advanced Individual Training as a Unit Supply Specialist. He was Honorably discharged in 1993 and immediately enlisted in the U.S. Army as a supply specialist where he completed 9 ½ more years of service in the supply field and achieved the rank of Staff Sergeant and was discharged in 2002.

In 2004 He was introduced to hurricanes when Hurricane Charlie cut through central Florida. He was responsible for providing emergency management support to Polk County, Florida for hurricanes Charley, Francis, Jeanne and Ivan. He managed operations for debris management in Broward and Pasco County Florida. He also designed, coordinated and implemented operational procedures for tracking assets purchased or used during these projects. He also planned and supervised the redeployment of emergency response Safety officers to Broward, Pasco and Hillsboro Counties to oversee Health, Safety, & Environmental (HSE) for the recovery efforts.

In 2005 through 2006 he was contracted to served as the Logistics Section Chief to the City of New Orleans, overseeing protective services and all programs within logistics operations of the EOC and Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness. In 2007, Merryman worked with ResponseForce1 Corp in many disasters from Hurricanes, Deep Water Horizon, Oil spills from flooding.

Merryman has held leadership roles in all levels of disasters over the years and in 2016 Merryman started the MCLC Corp, MCLC Corp has been in support roles all over the country also in Puerto Rico.

Merryman’s Technical Competences

Airport operations and Strategic Airport Security Rollout from 9/11.

CPTED-Crime Prevention through Environmental Design.

HLS-CAM-Homeland Security Comprehensive Assessment Model

HSEEP-Homeland Security Exercise & Evaluation Program

UASI (Urban Area Security Initiative) Grant Management

HSE (Health, Safety, & Environmental)

MMRS (Metropolitan Medical Response System) Grant

NIMS (National Incident Management System)

ICS (Incident Command System)

FSO (Facility Security Officer)

Merryman’s Key Projects- Background

2017 Logistics Support Lead / Military/ Puerto Rico, PR

2017 Logistics Support Lead / FEMA site/ Corpus Christie, TX

2016 Logistic Services to South Carolina / FEMA site, North, SC

2012 Credentialing & Logistic Services to FEMA site, NJ

2010 Deepwater Horizon Logistics Chief to Hopedale Base, St. Bernard Parish, LA

2010 Deepwater Horizon Health, Safety, & Environmental, St. Bernard Parish, LA

2008 Credentialing & Logistic Services to FEMA site, Galveston, TX

2008 Credentialing & Logistic Services to FEMA site, Port Allen, LA

2007 Evaluator of the CAEP exercise in City of New Orleans, LA

2007 Logistics Chief to City of New Orleans, LA

2006 Evaluator of the EOP exercise in City of New Orleans, LA

2005 EOC Staff Augmentation to the City of New Orleans, LA

2005 PPE Assessment for first responders in Boston UASI Region

2005 County HLS-CAM project for Lake County Florida

2005 UASI Grant Management in Tampa, Florida

2004 UASI Region HLS-CAM project for Broward County FL

2004 Debris Management Services, Polk County, FL

2004 Health, Safety, & Environmental (HSE), Broward County, FL

2002 SASR project in South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee


Diploma, 2001, BNCOC, Unit Supply Manager Course, Ft. Lee, VA

Certificate of Completion

Certificate of Completion 2004, Public Assistance Operations I, FEMA - EMI

Certificate of Completion 2006, IS 001- Emergency Program Manager

Certificate of Completion 2006, IS 100- Introduction to the Incident Command System

Certificate of Completion 2006, IS 200- Incident Command System

Certificate of Completion 2006, IS 275- Role of the Emergency Operations Center

Certificate of Completion 2006, IS 631- Public Assistance Operations I

Certificate of Completion 2006, IS 700- National Incident Management System

Certificate of Completion 2006, IS 703- NIMS Resource Management

Certificate of Completion 2006, IS 800- National Response Plan (NRP)

Certificate of Completion 2007, IS 230- Principles of Emergency Management

Certificate of Completion 2007, ICS 300- Incident Command System (Intermediate)

Certificate of Completion 2007, ICS 400- Incident Command System (Advanced)

Additional Training

2001 Supervisor Development Course (SDC), Army Continuing Education

2001 Law Enforcement Operations, Army Continuing Education

2001 Management Development, Army Continuing Education

2001 Human Resource Management, Army Continuing Education

2001 Protecting Secret and Confidential Docs, Army Continuing Education

2000 Accident Prevention Management Process, Army Continuing Education

2000 Leadership Fundamentals, Army Continuing Education

2000 Installation Security (RTB), Army Continuing Education

Military Service

1991/1993 Arkansas Army National Guard 76Y10 (Springdale, AR)

1993/2002 U.S. ARMY Active service 92Y30

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