MCLC Corp. Offers an all in one solution for Credentialing. Not only can we track how many people are coming in, but we can make sure the wrong people are not coming in. 


Key Features to our system are:

1. Badges are created onsite

2. Badges can be created for specific Categories

3. Instant Check in and Out 

4. Multiple Location Scanning Capabilities. (Dining Facility, Laundry, Etc.)

5. Background screen of all personnel entering the Camp / Facility prior to receiving a Badge

  • Sex offender / Terrorism Watchlist / Warrants / Criminal Records / Arrest Record

  • The instant search is customizable for what we look for and how far back we can go.

This system has been recognized by the DHS as an innovative, effective anti-terrorism tool—and a powerful resource for those who protect our critical infrastructures and communities.