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                                             JOIN THE MCLC TEAM

MCLC Corp is always seeking on-call personnel to fill the following positions supporting our deployments:

  • Logistics 
  • Operations 
  • Safety

MCLC Corp is also interested in persons with a background in:

  • Military
  • Fireman
  • Training
  • UAV

The above position must be available for rapid deployment within 48hrs of notification.

If you'd like to join our team, please email us at mclc@mclcgrp.com or fill out the request sheet above and attach your resume.

MCLC was contacted today to assist in the debris removal operations in Butte County, Ca. /Paradise, Ca

What is needed; 100 Trucks

Tandem and Tri-Axles at $90/hr
Drivers at $27.00/hr

End-Dumps and Side-Dumps at $105/hr
Drivers at $27.00/hr

60/70 hour weeks

$125/per diem if you are not staying at a Contractor provided location. (Base Camp)

This is a certified payroll contract and if you are a company wanting to provide the above need, then you must be able to show financial ability to handle the burden, and have knowledge of certified payroll.

Serious inquiries only!

Request to speak with our recruiting department Today!!