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RF1 TripWire(R) Credentialing / Tracking Solutions provide bar-coded and / or radio frequency-based identification of people (and pets!) and assets to manage and maintain constant situational awareness of these resource and a constant status of all locations, including:

  • Registration
  • Credentialing / Badging
  • Check-in / Check-out for Personnel and Assets
  • Track Certifications and Specialties
  • Link Files, Photos and other Documents to Personnel
  • Robust, Customizable Reporting
  • Demobilization Support
  • Systems Integration with other Databases
  • Evacuation/Relocation Management
  • Debris Management Services Solution


The RF1 TripWire(R) Solution 

RF1 TripWire(R) is a secure, robust database platform designed to coordinate the management of personnel during both emergencies and while in normal operating mode. This solution allows organizations to easily share information on a local, regional, state or national level.

During the Enrollment process, pertinent demographic information about the enrollee is captured, at any level of detail required by our customer.  Because we know that every incident may have unique requirements, we have designed our system to be flexible, allowing us to modify the database on the fly, if necessary.

Once a person is enrolled, the RF1 TripWire(R) database updates our wireless handheld scanners with their profile, automatically.  We are then able to conduct Check-in / Check-out processes from anyplace with a WiFi connection, in real-time.  Should the network connection fail, the handheld scanners will instantly revert to batch mode, continuing to authorize those enrollees who were already in the system.  Any enrollee who was not included in the most recent update will be instantly flagged, prompting our operators to take further validation actions.

RF1 TripWire(R) includes reports which allow management of personnel and assets on-site while viewing information either in real-time or while offline. Real time data can be shared remotely through web access between the command center location at the scene or at the EOC.

RF1 TripWire(R) Asset Manager Solution (AMS)

RF1 TripWire(R) AMS is a custom solution designed to help manage and track resources, inventory and supplies. Any asset can be RFID tagged or barcoded and then accurately tracked with RF1 TripWire(R) AMS, following Incident Command System Form 219 T-Card-like processes.

During the Check-in process, an asset or resource is assigned an Asset Tag Identifier.  Any item can then be assigned to its appropriate department, agency, or group.  Any time the asset or resource is deployed, it is “checked out” using the RF1 TripWire(R) AMS wireless handheld scanners, indicating whether it is being deployed, transferred or demobilized.  At any time, RF1 TripWire(R) AMS gives you the ability to quickly and easily generate reports detailing who has used or is currently using your assets.

RF1 TripWire(R) Personnel Tracking System (TWPTS)

TWPTS, like EZ PASS for people, provides location visibility for personnel, using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology.  TWPTS combines Active RFID technology with our barcode technology to provide a comprehensive solution for tracking people and assets in even the most harsh conditions.

Active RFID uses small battery-powered radio tags with a range of about 350 feet, provides accurate visibility in highly dynamic environments where asset movement is frequent and unstructured and requires minimal infrastructure to deploy. 

TWPTS provides one software platform to view the status of all personnel and can leverage available or accommodate lack of infrastructure, enabling internet accessible asset visibility for any site and email alerts to defined recipients for defined events.

While initially designed for personnel tracking, TWPTS can also be used on any fixed or mobile asset, providing complete visibility of any given resource!

The combination of these systems provides for a complete accountability solution, linking assets with people.