We have the knowledge, expertise, equipment, and people to make it happen!. Whatever logistics needs to get done will get done by us safely and quickly. If you have a challenge, we'd love to hear it…

Dispatch Services

Hazardous materials

We comply with all Federal Hazardous Material regulations.

We always use only reliable and proven methods,

and our Personnel have the highest qualifications.

MCLC CORP. Emergency Management Logistics or Logistical consulting, is what we specialize in so  we can fret the big and small stuff so you don't have to

It's our privilege to have earned the trust of innumerable clients through the years. From the smallest emergency services incident to the largest shipments, we've treated each job as the most important one we could perform, until the next one…


Emergency Management Logistics

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mclc corp carrier

SCAC code for port freight

We have the UIIA agreement in place so we can serve you better.

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The Logistics Section provides for all the support needs for the incident, such as ordering resources and providing facilities, transportation, supplies, equipment maintenance and fuel, food service, communications, and medical services for incident personnel.
When the incident is very large or requires a number of facilities with large numbers of equipment, the Logistics Section can be divided into Branches. This helps with span of control by providing more effective supervision and coordination among the individual Units. Conversely, in smaller incidents or when fewer resources are needed, a Branch configuration may be used to combine the task assignments of individual Units. 

We are fully;

  • Trained on ICS and NIMs:
    • 100,200,325, 300,400,700,703,800 and Many more..
  • Debris Recovery Operations
    • Truck Certification procedures
    •  Debris Management System (DMS)
  • Staging Area support & management
  • Base Camp support services
  • Emergency Logistics Staffing
    • Logistics Section staffing
      • Services Branch staffing
      • Support Branch staffing

Domestic shipping

We ship in both the Midwest and Southwest regions.

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National shipping service

We deliver to almost every corner of the US.

Rogers AR 72758 us

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Our reach extends to everywhere you do business

Our team is a national one that's experienced in all levels of Logistics.

We can keep you moving and we'll handle all the paperwork for you.

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